Crazi Specials

  • Banana Bread Latte

    Bringing a taste of grandma’s baking to your cup, this banana-gingerbread latte topped with homemade whip cream and real walnuts is sure to delight!

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

  • Lavender White Tea Lemonade

    This refreshing treat is perfect for the summer heat. Try it with our homemade tapioca pearls!


  • Peaches & Cream Mocha

    A luscious blend of white chocolate and our homemade peach syrup, made with half & half instead of milk.

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

  • The Lucy (Mocha)

    Ruff, ruff! The bulldog is back, and she’s brought with her a nearly sinful blend of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and peanut butter. It’s time to indulge!

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

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