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Crazi Specials

  • Leapin’ Leprechaun

    Leapin’ lizards, there’s a leprechaun! And he’s got a white chocolate mocha infused with frosted mint and—of course—Irish cream!

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

  • Lucky Irish

    This delightful blend of vanilla and Irish cream is sure to give you a stroke of luck!

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

  • Pot o’ Gold

    Tap into a bit of magic fortune and try this golden blend of dark chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch.

    Hot: $4.50 | Cold: $5.00
    Blended: $5.50

  • Lucky Ginger

    Embrace the Irish spirit with this ice cream, Irish cream, and frosted mint shake!


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